Acoustic and fire doors: the perfect balance between security and elegance

Aestethic, effectiveness and security are not incompatible concept when it is about technical doors, fire doors or acoustic doors. Our more than twenty years of experience in the sector, our service vocation, the big knowledge of the needs of our clients and the last tendencies allow us to respond to the market demands.

For this we combine a serie of concept which nobody understood that they could go unite before. Today, in Contract Technical Doors we wanted to combine them to offer you the best product.

Quality materials for your daily needs

In your trade or domicile, the technical door installation results indispensable. To separate the garage with the rest of the house with a fire door or to isolate a rehearsal room or a recording studio with an acoustic door.

The circumstances and needs that do a techical door needful are each day more comun. Colleges,hotels, hospitals, theatres and all type of public buildings require also this type of doors, and in all cases the client demands the same: security and aesthetic.

It is something that we know very well. That’s why, in addition to the guarantee that teechnical doors must offer we have added the elegance that only the best wood of the market, the most quality materials and a conscientious work  could grant. A technical doors must offer security and be functional, but it should not alter the aestethic of the property where it is installed.

The secure can be beautiful also and we, with the endorse of our experience and the well done work during decades, we guarantee the needed balance between security and aesthetic.

If you need a technical door but at the same time you do not want to loose the warmth , the style  and design that quality materials grant, Contract Technical Doors is the answer, whitout any doubt.

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