In Technical Doors we are manufacturers of acoustic doors, aimed at various market sectors such as the industrial, leisure and business sectors, among the most prominent. Because acoustic or soundproofing doors are specific doors to isolate airborne noise.

In the industrial sector, acoustic doors have the mission of compartmentalizing machinery areas to isolate the noise produced due to its operation. The correct installation of the acoustic doors is just as fundamental as its manufacturing process, since a bad assembly can prevent the correct acoustic insulation offered by the acoustic door. This sector is a very important market niche for acoustic door manufacturers, because the decibels reached by the operation of industrial machines are usually quite high, and it is necessary to isolate the air noise produced to comply with the legal norms established in Spain.

Another major consumer of acoustic doors is the leisure sector, such as venues for celebrations, gyms, discos, auditoriums, dance schools etc, which need to isolate the noise they produce inside in order not to transmit it abroad. and avoid noise pollution, which causes great discomfort among neighboring neighbors.

And finally public buildings such as libraries, hospitals, hotels, radio studios etc, must comply with current regulations by installing acoustic doors with noise protection levels of different types of decibels, to preserve an environment without air noise that provides comfort and welfare to users.

In Contract Technical Doors we manufacture our own brand of wooden acoustic doors with noise protection levels:

• Shark 29dB

• Shark 34dB

• Shark 37dB

• Shark 40dB

We have certification and homologation for each model of Shark Acoustic Doors, all tested in the Spanish laboratories Ensatec, which guarantee the correct manufacture of all our technical wooden doors. In order to offer our customers the highest quality and safety of our products to ensure compliance with all required legal regulations.

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