Bet of the hostelier future. Security and Tendence.

Contract Technical Doors International System bets for the design, security and the integration in the models of their fire, acoustic and fire retardants doors.

Each time there are more hotels that create tencency and bet for her in their designs. The hotel is still the favorite acommodation for the travellers.

The future of hotel chains emerge from a new concept focussed in exclusively offer to the visitor a experience based in the security and the confort. There are big expectations from the hosteliers for a future where the client finds in addition to a comfortable experience also the biggest security and discretion.

In Contract Technical Doors we count with a team of experts that analize the needs of each hostelier establishment. A measured suit in design fire and acoustic doors. Fire retardant doors integrated with the hotel decoration. We achieve this way, the fussion of the latest generation image with the most exigent fire doors models. The perfect balance between the hostelier and the visitor.

The reason that a hotel which invests in security, invests in its clients.

A wide experience endorse our designs. The fire doors certify us and the flame retardant decoration distinguish us. For this reason we know that from reception, the appearance of a hotel plays a very important role, as it is the first visual contact with the client. Counting with the most exclusive designs and with them equip the hotel with personality whitout neglect the security of the hostelier team and its clients, it allows us to be the most accomplished and consolidated company on the market.

Not any hotel is the favorite acommodation of the travellers. Each day is more frequent to find those clients that search more a home than a place to sleep. To make them feel at home we must make them feel comfortable and secure.

In Contract Technical Doors we know it, we keep it in mind and we develop it in all of our project.

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