En base al estudio realizado por la fundación Mapfre, titulado “Estudio de víctimas en incendio 2018” fallecieron en toda España un total de 123 personas. Siendo la Andalucía la Comunidad Autónoma que más fallecidos registro en 2018 con un total de 36 víctimas mortales a causa de incendios.

A study based realized by the Mapfre foundation, called’ 2018 ‘’FIRE VICTIMS STUDY’ indicates that 123 persons have died in Spain. Being  Andalucia  the Autonomous Community with more fatalities registred in 2018, with the total of 36 mortal victims due the fires.

Sourch: EL MUNDO

The data from the mentioned study shows that from the 123 mortal victims registered during 2018, the majority of them (83 fatalities) were registered between October and March. That means, during the winter months due the use of heating devices to combat the low temperatures registered during the winter period.

This alarming fatalities number due to the fires has caused the reaction of many institutions pointing the low prevention that exists in Spain at a legislative level to establish control systems to avoid the fires spread in homes, as also the detection of the homes with energetic poverty situation.

If we center only in Andalucia, more than 900 interventions due the fires in homes were registered during the 2019 year,taking the life of 3 persons in December due  two fires in particular homes.

This data shows the need of elaborating a regulation which establishes the installation of fire systems that protect all the citizens in their homes in case of fire in their properties.

The 20th of December the new reform of the Construction Technical Code was approved, to improve the construction materials in the properties to avoid the fire spread focusing in the protection against the fires spreading to the house facades. But it doesn’t establish by law the installation of smoke detection neither the installation of fire doors in the properties.

The mount and installation of fire doors is fundamental to save lifes, because  they allow the avoiding of the flames spreading and gas flaring, during a period of time ( depending on the certification of each door), where the  emergency services can act to extinct the fire, while we are sheltered in the property protected by the fire door.

It is a right that all the citizens should demand to guaranty our security, equating ourselves with the European regulations to be protected by a law that regulates the installation and mount of fire doors in our properties.

In Contract Technical Doors we foment the regulation of the Construction Technical Code, so it can be expanded and so it can cover the legislation of fire systems implementation that protect the particular properties the same way that the public building are regulated.

For all the constructions with public character, Contract Technical Doors offers different models of fire doors, as: Shark EI 30, Shark EI 45, Shark EI 60 and Shark Ei 90 that protect the flames spreading and the gas flaring during 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes and 90 minutes.

That’s why we bet for a preventive culture not only for the public buildings which is already regulated, but also for the construction of particular properties which help to avoid mortal victims caused by the fires in their homes.

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