How to act in fire case

When a fire is produced in our property or in the building where we are living, we have to know how to act in fire case. So we can shelter in a safe place while the emergency services are arriving.

The process that we have to follow in fire case is very simple but, due to lack of knowledge, usually it isn’t done as the emergency services indicate us, causing mortal victims in the majority of cases.

In our previous blog entrance  we comment the big number of mortal victims caused by fires in properties. Highlighting the need of a legal regulation, which requires the fire doors installation in properties, as a security system together with the smoke detectors, to get the maximum security in our property in a fire case.

In News Cuatro from 19/01/2020 it has been published a very important news, to know how to act in fire case

In this news they interview a professional firefighter , APTB member ( Technical Professional Firefighters Association) which explains the procedure to follow in fire case in our properties. Against the initial impulse of running as soon as we are aware of the flames and smoke, the procedure that we have to follow is the following:

  • Close the doors from the property, even if they are wooden doors they avoid the flames expansión, the sufficient time to be evacuated by the emergency services.
  • Do not jut out into the stairs to escape from the fire, because the smoke inhalation will make us to loose consciousness.
  • Put wet towels in the slits to avoid the smoke entrance.
  • Shelter in the area most separated from the flames, if it is possible in a room with windows so we can be evacuated.
  • While we search the best area in the property to shelter, close all the doors that we find so we can avoid the fire expansion.

This procedure has to be followed always avoiding the impulse of lefting our property,so we can win time while the emergency services arrive.

The action of any passage wooden door in fire case, is to slow down the flames passage. That’s why if in every property they were installed as entrance doors, fire doors, the time to be rescued and to shelter us from the flames would increase notably, to avoid serious damages and mortal victims.

All the citizens have the right to demand to the builders and providers the fire doors installation, and smoke detection systems to ensure our security and integrity in our properties.

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