Increase the fire security in your hotel with design fire doors

Spain, as one of the first world wide turistic destiny counts with 17.069 hotel establishments and 1,74 millions  squares. This fact highlighs the importance of acommplishing the current building legislation and the integrated fire systems. The persons responsible of the security should be aware of the importance of having technical doors as passageway doors for hotels, fire doors and acoustic doors in their establishment. They bring security and wellness to their guests. At the same time it allows the environment sound isolation  and  save energy, which means lower exploitation costs. Be aware of this benefits.

In the recent hotel history there have happen unfortunate fact. We can remember the big fire from Corona de Arazgon Hotel ( Zaragoza) in 1979, where 83 persons lost their lives. The fire in Hotel Ritz ( Madrid) on summer from 2010. The Lodge Hotel de Sierra Nevada (2014). It is possible that all these hotels didn’t have the adequate fire doors.

The fire and acoustic doors can be used also in commercial centres, offices, companies and organisms. We have a specific technical door for each entrepreneurship.

Contract Technical Doors

Dispose the best professionals to advise architects, surveyors, designers and engineers in the choice of technical doors that adjust better to the needs of each project. We will participate together since the design, the choice of the materials, the finishes, the manufacture and installation of your establishment. To get to know us better and to take a look at the projects that we have done we invite you to visit our corporate website.

Now the only thing remained is that you start to work with one of the best companies in the sector, that will bring you the possibility to make your dreams come true. With the maximum security against fire and a avant-garde design in their products.

If you need a technical door but at the same time you do not want to loose the warmth , the style  and design that quality materials grant, Contract Technical Doors is the answer, whitout any doubt.

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