Labor Risk Prevention Policy

The commitment declaration that acquires the direction of Contract Technical Doors S.L company in matter of labor risk prevention with its staff and also with the objectives  which are intended to reach in prevention matter integrating them with the general objectives of the company.

Our objectives are the following ones:

  • Integrate the prevention policy in the productive process of CONTRACT TECHNICAL DOORS S.L, constitute a permanent and priority objective whose purpose is the improvement of the labor conditions focused to obtain the adequate staff protection level, and also to avoid material damage and decreasing the labor abstenteeism. It searches the commitment and the wellness of their staff in the labor security and health environment, understanding health as the physical, mental and social welness and not only the lack of illnesses.

  • The Labor Risk Prevention integration is a task and responsability of everybody and each one of the ones working in Contract Technical Doors S.L, being the Direction and middle managers the ones that lead the effort, and the operators will follow the procedements and established patterns and principally will contribute with all the possible imrpovements through their Prevention Managers, or in their absence, using the communication established chanels for the company, to obtain more secure labor places.

  • CONTRACT TECHNICAL DOORS S.L is commited to guarantee the Security and Health of the staff by giving them the adequated resources and the adequated organization for the good march of the Integrated Management System of the Labor Risk Prevention,difunding it to all the staff and demand its accomplishment. For this, we count with the collaboration of every each person that forms part of our Company.

  • Communicate and make the  preventive matter objectives of CONTRACT TECHNICAL DOORS S.L arrive to their workers and also the measures to adopt to accomplish them.

  • Consider  everything that affects the security and health of the staff, the actual legislation to provide a environment and labor conditions, organizative systems and secure labor teams from the beginning.

  • Establish preventive standarts in the staff contratation and also in the contratation of works and services, accomplishing the Bussines Activities Coordination norms.
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