Legal Notice


  • The present provisions regulate the use of the service of the Internet portal (hereafter, the ‘Portal’) that CONTRACT TECHNICAL DOORS provides to Internet ussers.
  • CONTRACT TECHNICAL DOORS, with social residence in Cartagena, Carretera La Union, KM 4,400 and C.I.F number B30885909, inscribed in the Murcia Commercial  Registry, Tome 3049, Folio 107, Sheet MU-85733, first inscription. Telephone number 968 50 69 50. Email:
  • The access to the website is free except in the relative costs from the conexion trough the telecommunication network provided by the access provider contracted by the users. Determinated services are exclusively for our clients and its access is restricted.
  • The use of the Portal attributes the user condition of the Portal (hereafter,’The User) and involves the acceptance of all the included conditions in this Legal Notice. The service provision of the Portal has a limited duration in the moment that the User is connected to the Portal or to some of the services that through the Portal are facilitated. Thus, the User must read attentively the present Legal Notice in each occasion that he wants to use the Portal, because he and the conditions collected in the present Legal Notice can suffer modifications.
  • Some services from the Portal available for the Internet users or exclusively for the CONTRACT TECHNICAL DOORS clients can be submitted to particular conditions, rules or instructions, that in its case, substitute, complete or modify the present Legal Notice and have to be accepted by the User before the corresponding provided service begins.

  • All the Portal contents, understanding by these a merely information title, the texts, images, graphics, photos, icons, technology, software, links and other audiovisual or sound contents, and also the graphic design and source code  ( hereafter, the ‘Contents’) are intellectual property of CONTRACT TECHNICAL DOORS or third parties, without being ceded to the User any of the operation rights recognized by the current regulations in matter of intellectual property from themselves, except those strictly needed for the Portal use.
  • The marks, commercial names or distinctive signs are ownership of CONTRACT TECHNICAL DOORS or third partied, without it being understood as the access to the Portal attributes any right on the mentioned marks, commercial names and/or distinctive signs.


  • The User force itself to do a correct use of the Portal according the Lay and the present Legal Notice. The user will respond for any damage or prejudice that could be caused as a consequence of this obligation infringement to CONTRACT TECHNICAL DOORS or to third parties
  • It it totally forbidden the Portal use with injurious purposes of goods or interests of CONTRACT TECHNICAL DOORS or third parties or in any other way that could overload, damage or disable the networks, servers and the rest of computing teams (hardware) or products and computing applications ( software) of CONTRACT TECHNICAL DOORS or third parties.


  • The user compromise itself to use the Contents according the Law and the present Legal Notice, as well as the rest of the conditions, regulations and instructions that in its case could be as application of accordance with what is mentioned in Clause 1. With character merely informative, the User in accordance with the current legislation has to refrain to:
  • a) Reproduce, copy, distribute, make available, communicate publicly, transform or modify the Contents except in the authorized cases by the law or expressly consented by CONTRACT TECHNICAL DOORS or by the owner of the rights of the operation in that case.
  • b) Reproduce or copy for private use the Contents that can be considered as Software or Details Base according the current legislation in matter of intellectual property, as well as its public communication or provision to third parties when this acts involve necessarily the reproduction by the User or by a third part.
  • c) Extract and/ or reuse the totality or a substantial part of the integrated Contents of the Portal, as well as the details bases that CONTRACT TECHNICAL DOORS makes available to the user.

  • Notwithstanding the disposed in the Clause 5 of the present Legal Notice, as such in the privacy policies available from the Portal and that could result suitable in each moment, the use of determined services or requests directed to CONTRACT TECHNICAL DOORS are conditioned to the previous filling of the correspondent register of the User.
  • All the information that the User facilitates trough the forms of the Portal for the above purposes or any others has to be truthful. For this purposes, the User guarantees the authenticity of all the details that it communicates and will maintain the facilitated information to CONTRACT TECHNICAL DOORS perfectly updated in the way that it answers, in every moment, to the real situation of the User. In every case it will be the User the only one responsible of the false or inaccurate manifestations that it realizes and of the prejudices that cause to CONTRACT TECHNICAL DOORS or to third parties for the information that it facilitates.

  • The Internet user that wants to introduce links from its own websites to the Portal, will have to comply with the following conditions detailed, without that the lack of knowledge of the same conditions avoid the responsibility derived from the Law.
  • a) The link will only vinculate with the home page or principal page of the Portal but it won’t reproduce it in any way.( online links, texts copy, graphics, etc) 
  •  b) It will remain totally forbidden, according the suitable and current legislation in each moment, to establish frames of any type that envolves the Portal or allow the visualization of the Contents through the Internet addresses different to ones from the Portal, in any case, when they are displayed jointly with external contents of the Portal the way that (I) produces, o can produce, error, confusion or deceive in the users about the truth origin of the service or Contents; (II) suppose a comparison act or disloyal imitation; (III) act to benefit the mark reputation and prestige of CONTRATL TECHNICAL DOORS; or (IV) of any other way results forbidden by the current legislation.
  • c) It won’t be realized from the website that introduces the link any type of false manifestation, inexact or incorrect about CONTRACT TECHNICAL DOORS, its partners, employees, clients or about the quality of the provided sercices.
  • d) In no case, will be expressed in the website where the link that CONTRACT TECHNICAL DOORS has provided its consent for the insert of the link or that in any other way sponsors, collaborates, verifies or supervises the services of the sender.
  • e) It is forbidden the use of any word mark, graphic or mixed of any other distinctive sign of CONTRACT TECHNICAL DOORS inside the website of the sender except in cases allowed by the law or expressly authorized by CONTRACT TECHNICAL DOORS and always when it’s allowed, in these cases, a direct link with the Portal in the established way in this clause.
  • f) The website that establishes the link will have to commply faithfully the law and won’t dispose or connect with personal contents or contents from third parties that (I) are illicit, harmful or against the moral and the good customs (pornographic, violent, racist, etc); (II) induce or can induce in the User the false conception that CONTRACT TECHNICAL DOORS subscribes, supports, adheres or encourages of any way the ideas, manifestations or expressions, licit or illicit , from the sender; (III) result inappropriate or not relevant with the activity of CONTRACT TECHNICAL DOORS regarding the place, contents and theme of the website of the sender.


  • The Access to the Portal doesn’t involve the obligation from CONTRACT TECHNICAL DOORS to verify the veracity, accuracy, adjustment ,suitability, completeness and actuality of the information supplied through itself. The contents of this website are of general character and don’t constitute, in no case, the provisions of any service.
  • CONTRACT TECHNICAL DOORS is not responsible for the decisions taken from the supplied information in the Portal, either for the damages or prejudices produced in the User or third parties with reason of actions that have as a single basis the information obtained in the Portal.


  • The access to the Portal does not involve the obligation from CONTRACT TECHNICAL DOORS to control the lack of viruses, worms or any type of informatic harmful element. It corresponds to the User, in all cases, the availability of appropriate tools for the detection and disinfection of harmful informatic programs. 
  • CONTRACT is not responsable for the damages produced in the computer equipment of the Users or third parties during the provided service of the Portal.

  • The Portal Access requieres services and supplies of third parties, including the transport through the telecommunications network which reliability, quality and continuity and functioning doesn’t correspond to CONTRACT TECHNICAL DOORS. Therefore, the provided services through the Portal can be suspended, cancelled or can result inaccessible, with previous or simultaneous character to the provision of the service of the Portal.
  • CONTRACT TECHNICAL DOORS is not responsible for the damages or prejudices of any type produced in the User that could bring fail causes or disconnections in the telecommunications networks that produce the suspension, cancellation or interruption of the service of the Portal during the provided of the same or with previous character.

  • The Access service to the Portal includes technical link devices, directories and even searching instruments that allow the User to access to other websites or Internet web portals (hereafter, ‘Linked Sites). In these cases CONTRACT TECHNICAL DOORS acts as a intermediation service provider according the article 17 of the Law 34/2002, de 12 de july, of Information and Electronic Commerce of the Society Services(‘LSSI’) and will only be responsible of the contents and services provided in Linked Sites as far as having the effective knowledge of the unlawfulness and has not deactivated the link with the due diligence. In the assumption where the User considers that there exists a Linked Sites with illicit or inadequate contents, the User can communicate this to CONTRACT TECHNICAL DOORS according with the procedure and the established effects in the clause 6, without having the obligation to withdraw the corresponding link.
  • In no case, the existence of Linked Sites must presuppose the existence of agreements with the responsibles or owners of the Linked Sites, or even the recommendation, promotion or identification of CONTRACT TECHNICAL DOORS with the manifestations, contents and provided sercices.
  • CONTRACT TECHNICAL DOORS does not know the contents and services of the Linked Sited and therefore it is not responsible for the damages produced by the unlawfulness, quality, out of date information ,unavailability, error or futility of the contents and/or services of the Linked Sited not even for any other damage that is directly attributable to CONTRACT TECHNICAL DOORS.

  • For more information about the treatment of your personal details in the Portal direct to Policy Privacy


  • In the case that the User or any other Internet User had the knowledge that the Linked Sites redirect to websites with illicit, harmful, degrading, violent or contrary to morality contents or services, can contact with CONTRACT TECHNICAL DOORS indicating the following extremes:
  • a) Personal details of the caller, name, address, telephone number and E-mail address.
  • b) Description of the facts with illicit or inadecuated carácter from the Linked Site
  • c) In the supposition of rights violation, as the intellectual and industrial property, the personal details of the violated rights owner when it is a different person than the caller. Also he must contribute the title that accredits the legitimation of the rights owner, and, in that case, the title of representation to act in owner’s name when it’s a different person than the caller,
  • d) Express declaration that the information contained in the reclamation is exact
  • The reception of the previewed communication from CONTRACT TECHNICAL DOORS in this clause won’t suppose, according the disposed in the LSSI, the effective knowledge of the activities and/ or indicated contents by the caller.
  • Also, the caller should contribute the title which accredits the legitimation of the rights owner and, in its case, the one of representation to act in owner’s name when it’s a different person than the caller.


  • The present Legal Notice govern in each of the extremes by the spanish law.


  • Our website    uses a technology called ‘cookies’ with the purpose of collecting information about the use of the Website. We inform you that we can use cookies with the purpose of facilitating your navigation through the Website, distinguish you from other users and analyze your navigation habits in the Website

    The present cookies policy has as purpose the clear and precise information about the cookies used in our Website ( the ‘Cookies Policy’) .

    What are the cookies?

  • A cookie is a file that is downloaded in your equipment ( computer or mobile) with the purpose to save details that can be updated and recuperated by the entity responsible of its installation.
  • La collected information through the cookies can include the address IP, date and time of the visits to the Website, the visited pages inside the Website, the time that you have been connected to our Website and to others visited Sites just before or after and other navigation details. Also, the cookies allow the information of your navigation habits.
  • On one side, the Website’s owner can use personal technical cookies for which the collection of your consent is not needed, as they are excluded of the application article 22.2 de la Ley 34/2002, of 11th July , society services of information and electronic commerce.
  • However, this Website installs cookies that require the user’s consent. This is the relative information about the mentioned cookies:

Google Analytics (_ga)

It is used to identify and distinguish each user.

They save a identifier of unique customer (Customer’s ID) that is generated randomly. It is used to calculate the interactions of the users(visits, details of the user, sessions and campaign) with the purpose to improve the offered services.

Google2 Years
Google Analytics (_gid)It is used to identify the same user during a unique day.Google24 hours
Google Analytics (_gat)It is used to distinguish between the differents objects of monitoring created in the session. The cookies is used each time the user send the details to Google Analytics.Google1minute
  • In our Website we also use the mediation system of audience Google Analytics, the analysis web tool from Google that allows us to know how the users interact in our Website.
  • Combined with our register files of the server, they allow us to know the total number of users that visit our Website and the parts of the Website that have more popularity. Thanks to them we obtain an information that can help us to improve the navigation and give a better service to users and clients.
  • We include the link to Google Website where you can consult the description of each type of cookies that Google Analytics uses and its period of expiration: another hand, if you interact with the content of our Website there could also establish cookies from third parties (per example, pushing buttons of social networks or viewing videos in our website). The cookies from third parties, are the ones established for a different domain than our Website. We can not access to the saved details in the cookies from other website when the user navigates in the mentioned Websites.


  • When navigating our Website you are consenting the use of the mentioned cookies, for the mentioned terms and with the conditions contained in the present Cookies Policy.
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