Our protagonist doors in the fire from street Agustin de Foxca in Madrid

The  fire technical doors  from Contract Technical Doors contain the focus of the fire in street Agustin de Foxca, 31.

Contract Technical Doors is a national referent in the manufacture of technical doors, fire and acoustic.

One more time our FIRE TECHNICAL doors have prooved their effectiveness in a fire developed in a office building in Madrid. Located in streed Agustin de Foxca, 31 have endured the fire and the expansion to other floors untill the  arrive of the fire fighters to the fire focus.

Our doors, in addition to their  technical fire effectivenness, aesthetically are perfectly adaptable to any area that requieres the decoration and aesthetic maintenance of the building.

The version of our wooden fire technical doors can be at the same time acoustic doors, accomplishing in each moment the mechanic and physical stability integrating high levels of acousticity.

They grant at the same time with security and tranquility the offices or places where are installed. We attach the video done by the fire fighters in Madrid, where it can be seen as they access to the building having to destroy our wooden technical doors finished in Cherry Tree.

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