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Visit our large catalog of Shark Wooden Technical Doors.

Customized wooden technical doors

In Contract Technical Doors we have a large catalog of customized wooden technical doors: fire doors, acoustic doors, fire acoustic doors and passing doors owning the FSC and PEFC stamps for the client that requires them We customize our technical wooden doors for hotels, resorts, residences, hospitals, public buildings, commercial and private premises, adapting to the needs and tastes of each client. We advise our clients so that their doors accomplish with the basic building regulations without altering their functionality, manufacturing the pilot doors adapting the manufacturing times to the urgency of the client.

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Fire doors

We stand out in the market for our offer of approved and certified fire doors, which we adapt to the characteristics of each project in a personalized way


Acoustic doors

We have certified and approved acoustic doors, which can also act as fire doors, resulting in doors that isolate the sound and protect from fire


Passing doors

Completing our product range we manufacture doors with customized designs for each type of customer.


RX doors

Contract Technical Doors has developed special doors for clinics, hospitals and high protection areas where they are required to withstand X-rays. 



In our avant-garde and minimalist vision of decoration, we make 2D and 3D panels, joining the most modern designs with practical use

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