Quality Policy

The Contract Technical Doors, S.L.U Direction proclaims the followin ‘ Quality Policy’ declaration and comits to difund it, accomplish it and to police its accomplishment in all the organization.

  • Contract Technical Doors, S.L.U place the quality of its products above all because the loyalty and satisfaction of the customer is our biggest worry.
  • Contract Technical Doors, S.L.U expresally declares the commitment of all the applicable requirements to the fabricated products and will attend to their customer needs, trying to clarify and making realistic and operational the specific requirements from the products, searching the best results through a narrow collaboration with the customers and collaborators.
  • Contract Technical Doors S.L.U will have available human resources and needed material to guarantee the quality of their services.
  • Contract Technical Doors, S.L.U will continually strive to improve their processes, all of them collected in procedements.
  • Contract Technical Doors, S.L.U will attend and respond to all claims and suggestions formulated by their costumers,that, previously would have been analyzed.
  • Contract Technical Doors, S.L.U will establish as many corrective actions as needed to avoid the non accordances repetition, stimulating any preventive accion directed to the continuous improvement of their management system.
  • Contract Technical Doors, S.L.U will mantain updated the formation program and the training of its staff, with its own and external resources, as well to improve the knowledges and habilities in the labor environment and also to reach the biggest technical and quality knowledge. Guaranteeing the best staff professionality, qualification and confidentiality, transmmiting the important service that for its activity provided to the society.
  • Contract Technical Doors, S.L.U establish annually the needed objectives for this policy achievement.
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