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El Pais interviews MARIA SOLEDAD MECA,Contract Technical Doors Director

Contract Technical Doors was born in 1995, practically parallel to the application of the regulatory framework by which building requirements began to be regulated, and which would later derive in the CTE in its successive versions. From then, Contract has worked in the area of its specialization, the manufacture of technical doors, fire and acoustic doors, positioned as a customer’s ally and also becoming a lidership company in the sector.

Contract Technical Doors was born with a acumulated manufacture baggage, isn’t it?

Indeed, it was born under a group of factories of DIY elements and wood, being a pioneer in specializating in technical doors created in special protection areas, such as it could be  hotels rooms and hospitals. Nobody was dedicated to it by then, the normative created this new need and Contract started to cover it. In the first moment whithout even started to manufacture this type of doors. In fact, we attended the first projects with technical doors imported from Germany. When we realized the magnitute of the demand that was beeing generated was when we create our own factory to product technical doors, becoming in fact,a pioneer company in this environment in Spain.

What product and services are you specialized in?

In technical doors,fire and acoustic doors with different finished, from natural veneer to pre-fabricated veneers or melamine veneer, working for big chain hotels and prescribers, such as architechture and engineering offices.The regulations meant that common spaces and corridors are conceived in a different way, this way we also started to manufacture passageway doors for comun spaces and hallways, where we added also decoration and panelling. We had wood warehouse and DIY stores,so we found reasonable to offer a global solution, attending each time more aspects that the client requiered,such as furniture and decoration.

What are the marks that highlights the projects developed by Contract Technical Doors?

Without any doubt, the quality. As much as our clients as the prescribers ensure that the level of quality and demanding that we offer in our projects has no comparison in the sector. What also highlights us is that we personalize so much each project and we deal face to face with the client,understading perfectly its needs and knowing what normative demands affects each one of its spaces. All our doors are manufactured in our 30.000m2 production plant in Cartagena,in base to a quality – technic conditions, but each of them attends concrete specifications depending on each client. We adapt to client’s idea respecting the normative.

Contract Technical Doors is a nacional reference in the manufacture of technical, fire and acoustic doors.

We personalize each project, attending the normative and demands of each space and addapting to projector’s idea.

Your clients,are basically hotel chains

Hotel and Project chains to national and international level, and also little entrepeneur hotels. All of them form the bulk of our portfolio, to which the public administration, hospitals, nursing homes and office buildings would be added.

What project are currently underway?

Currently in Spain we are manufacturating and installing doors,among other elements,for hotels and geriatric. We cover the entire country, including Balearic and Canary Island. Internationally we are working with three hotels in Paris, added to other two that we have done last year. But we do not only work in the french capital city, we are also in Bruxelles, London, Morrocco (Agadir, Casablanca and Nador), Uganda ( public and private sector), Uruguay and Cuba. In addition I would highlight a important project that we are carrying for a hotel chain in Peru, where we are reforming 10 hotels from all over the country.

On the other hand our doors have also reached Senegal, Dubai, Kuwait, Israel, Poland, Italy, Rumania, Holand and USA.

As they are technical doors, in which aspects do you centre your I+D+i?

In two aspects: in accomplish that our doors can offer bigger resistance to the fire and bigger acoustic level. Per example, our I+D+i team has developed wooden doors with 90minutes fire resistance, as long as in simple leaf as in double, and those same doors with acoustic resistance from 27 to 42 decibels. Now we are centered in accomplishing a wooden door that can resist 120 minutes the fire and reach the 48 decibels of acousticity.

In what challenges are you working for the future?

The challenge of Contract Technical Doors is to achieve new quality certifications, consolidate european market and extend the american one, in addition to still solidify the national market to continue being the number one reference in technical doors.

 You can download the full interview(PDF version) from this link. You can also download the full publication from EL PAIS.

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