Waste Management Policy

The Contract Technical Doors, S.L.U Direction is conscient and sensitized with the importance of the Environment preservation, we demand  our wood and derivatives to be of controlled origin with a controlled forest management and assuring the traceability since the origin untill the final product. All of this wouldn’t have sense if we do not manage the waste not only adjusting to the norms, but also from the convincement of the importance for a sustainable future. That’s why in our `Waste Management Policy` Contract Technical Doors has to :

  • Dispose a secure and healthy work place, guaranteeing that our personal is correctly formed, providing our personal individual protection teams for theor security.
  • To be conscious with the environment, having a quick and efective answer to resolver any incident that could suposse a risk for the health, security and environment.
  • Inform the authorities of any incident that could happen in the facilities of our company.
  • Foment the reuse of the remaining material in the working chain for the conservation of the environment, and transfer each recyclable easte to their correspondent recycling point.
  • Implant the latest technology machines wich can ease the waste reduction and taking the energetic advantage to reduce the environment impact.
  • Accomplish with all the legal national requieres wich are established.
  • Facilitate the present policy to all the organization personal and also to the interested clients.
  • Check at least once per year coinciding with the Revision by the Direction.
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