NOOM Hotel Cotonou

Noom Hotel Cotonou is an African hotel classified as an exclusive hotel, in the city of Cotonou (Benin). It has been inaugurated this year to the satisfaction of people who have to travel to that country for business reasons, whose location is ideal, being located 4 km from Cotonou International Airport, and very close to the Congress Palace and the United States Embassy.

It has been chosen to build this magnificent and exclusive hotel in Cotonou since it is the most important city in Benin, being known as the economic capital of the country. It houses the headquarters of the country’s government, Cotonou airport, and various roads and railways, which make it the main communications center in the country.

The hotel has magnificent facilities that include 121 luxurious 5-star rooms and suites, special rooms for conferences, events and meetings, luxurious buffets, African and international restaurants and bars, with the aim of welcoming business visitors as regular clients. as tourists.

Technical Doors has supplied for the 121 luxurious 5-star rooms and suites, the doors of the rooms of each of them with a fire resistance of 30 minutes, and a sound insulation of 40 decibels.

Mangalis Hotel Group has trusted us to develop this ambitious economic project in the African continent, positively evaluating our experience in the manufacture of technical wooden doors, choosing for this specific hotel, the combination of 30min fire doors and 40 decibel insulation.

In our section of technical wooden doors you can find out about all the models we manufacture and their possible combinations of fire resistance and acoustic insulation.

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